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    Important security advice

    To make your online banking safe, we have provided you with one of the latest security technologies available. We call our market leading system chipTAN as it computes a unique ID code per transaction, based on your individual account details.

    Although we constantly keep our online security up to date, we also ask you to keep a close eye on your personal computer’s integrity. If your computer is infected by a virus, or other malware, your password and memorable information may be recorded and used to gain access to your account. Malware can also divert your payments to unknown accounts, if your computer has been targeted.

    It is therefore essential to protect your computer with a firewall and anti virus software. When you make a transaction, watch the display of your chipTAN generator carefully. A payment is only secure if both the transaction code and the amount displayed on the chipTAN generator is equal to the one on your computer. If this is the case, press the OK button to proceed with the transaction, otherwise you must cancel it.

    If you find any transaction which has not been initiated by you, please cancel it immediately. This includes any kind of alleged checks such as “test transfers”, “safety checks” or a request for a second transfer, claiming the first one allegedly failed. We never send such requests to our customers.

    In the event of any suspicious transactions, please contact us immediately.

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    Important information

    The negotiation and contract language of this Internet presence is German.